• Stephannie E. R. Solomon

Those Bat Wings Got Me Thinking

Updated: Jul 5, 2020

Today I exercised my bat arms. As I worked to reshape them to look more like Michelle Obama's, I noticed the movement, framing and building of muscle and was reminded of how we have the ability to reshape aspects of our life. It may take a while and even hard work, but we can reshape the narrative of life.

Indeed many of us have to work hard to get the results that WE are looking for. Don't quit. Resist the urge to give up and give in to those things that resist winning ways. Maybe they are cravings, procrastination, illness, physical disability, aging, obesity, inhibitions, fear, low self image. They are working against our win. Yet, you and I can resist them when we FIRST "seek the kingdom of God and HIS right way of doing things and THEN all these things will be added to us. ", Matthew 6:33. Another scripture that came to mind was James 4:7, "Submit yourself to God, resist the devil and he will flee from you." Our win over every resisting force comes when we yield, surrender to the authority of Christ. Let Him work in and throught us. That's winning. As we win, acquiring victory upon victory we reshape the events and experiences of life that form our narrative. Reshape your narrative today. Start in God, Stay the course, and Stand in victory.

~ Stephannie

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