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No, there is no typo in today's title. Changez

(shaw-zee) is one the French spellings and forms for the English word change. The word has been resignating with me of late. It was amplified as I became inspired by a combination of events recently. One, the movie "Suite Francaise" and two, this week's winter storm on the second day of spring. Without giving away aspects of this wonderful movie, one major take away for me was the evidence of change . Change within people, a country, ideals, etc. The winter storm at the onset of spring to me is laughable. I am laughing because the Lord has switched things up a bit and for some a lot. It did not matter how the Earth was predicted to tilt on its axis for spring, we got strong winter results; an unpredictable storm.

This leads me to God "again". He does not change, but He changes things. He is predictable in being good, kind, loving, long suffering, truthful, righteous, just, powerful, holy, wise and everything that He says of Himself. However, how God decides to do what He does, when, where, with and through whom, we can never be sure of unless He reveals these things to us. Thus, He is not unpredictable in the keeping of His word and being Who He says He is, but the ways in which He chooses to do His business can be unpredictable. We, His servants, know that He will do what He says, but the ins and outs are not always clear and known to us.

I get excited when I see the Lord switch up the norm, change comfort zones, and upset the applecarts of predictions, medocrity, and expectations. "We should never under estimate the power, presence, and promises of God." He does not sleep and slack like us. He is so God that He can observe and be hurt by our sins and sufferings, yet continue His plans for our lives and the world. When we fellowship with Christ through prayer, scripture reading and application, we come to know the Lord in a better way. His Spirit speaks to us and directs us towards things that open our natural and spiritual eyes to see where the Lord is moving and evidence of His presence. Sometimes just knowing that He is near and with us is more than knowing what He is going to do to fix something.

With all of this in mind, reflect on this. We need not fear or get anxious when we realize that the Lord is allowing or constructing changes in our lives. Sometimes we need evidence of His unmatched power; proof that no one can create seasons, but Him. No one can change a human beings heart, but Him. No one can change our direction from brokeness to wholeness, but HIm. No one can save the invisible essence of our being, but Him. No one can redeem time, but Him. No one can make everything good, bad, and indifferent that has happened to us work out in our favor, no one except Him. No one can fully comfort us and restore the time wasted from ignorance and indulges; but God. No one can create something out of nothing, no one but Him. We can not peg God. As soon as we think that we have Him figured out, wham, He changes our knowledge of Him.

Change is inevitable. For life to begin and end, there must be change and for us to procure the abundant life, we must have change. Sometimes we resist it, fear it, and sometimes pray hard for it. The thing is, regardless of how we perceive change, Christ is Lord of it. So if change has come to better us or to be a ball and chain, it too must surrender to the authority of our Christ. I know it seems easier said than done to trust the results of change to Christ, but to do so is the only way to live a life of peace and prosperity. Change is coming and it likely will not look like what we imagined, yet it shall come. With great assurance and peace, it will be the Lord of change, The God Who Does Not Change who will preserve us, promote us, provide for us during our times of changez.

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