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Take Command Of Your Time

We live in a time where blogs, posts, tweets, videos, podcasts, television shows and books place emphasis on spiritual and self empowerment. They tell us how great we are, that we can do anything, and that we are not too this or that to achieve a personal aspiration. This is such a good thing in a world that is full of coldness and ways to deflate our dreams. However, we can not do everything. We are not created to do everything. I know that some say that can not is not a part of the Christian vocabulary or conversation. I beg to differ. We can do all things "through Christ" "who strengthens us", Philippians 4:13. We are created to produce much fruit that will last. Yes, good results and things that are beneficial and profitable, (John 15:5 and 15:16). A child of God should know what he/she can do and who we are in Christ. We should also know who we are not and what we can not do. Knowledge of such gives us balance and boundaries. When we know and accept who we are, our purpose, callings, and significance, we will not allow ourselves to be obligated to anything that abuses the time given to us.

We have been given time to sleep, rest, pray, dream, work the dream, relax, enjoy aspects of life and more. How we manage our time is key. Time keeps moving whether we procrastinate or progress in a venture. We have to decide what to do with the time given to us; afterall, the next second could be our last second here on Earth. At some point we must decide what is relevant and what is not so that in the scheme of things we manage our time so that we can accomplish the relevant, significant things. We must take command of our time. In doing so, we will consciously give more of ourselves to one thing at a given time. Footnote to self. We can only give our best self to anything and anyone when we are intentional about giving our best self. This will happen when by design we purposefully take the time to become the better us. This choice will not please everyone, but we have to "own the choice." Life calls us periodically to put on our big boy or big girl pants and move forward; get it done. We "can not" please everyone and certainly not please everyone simultaneously. As my elders have said, "Time waits for no one". Thus, you and I have to be ever so conscious of what we do with our time. It is precious.

I know and I believe that the Lord can redeem time, (Joel 2:25) and that our times are in His hands, (Psalm 31:15). He is Lord of time, Lord of all. Still, we are responsible for the time He gives us. What will we say to Him when asked to give an account of opportunities and times given that we mismanaged? It is essential that we assess our lives and utilize the authority given to us by God to do what matters in the time given. Some of those matters need to be addressed sooner than later. Postpone no longer.

Taking command of one's time will vary from person to person, so do not compare and when guilt raises its ugly head, press forward still. I have discovered that taking command of my time is empowering and healthy. Clarity, peace, and so much flow when I make the decision to operate on a schedule different from what the world wants to impose upon me. Life happens, still take command of the moment and choose in Christ how to be. Whether proactive or reactive, we can in Christ take command of that time; in doing so we will be strengthened. We can make the most of every opportunity and day simply by taking command of the time. We do this by being determined to possess and express joy regardless of our predicament, by pursuing our goal in spite of struggles, and trusting God in the midst of blessings and burdens. As we take command of our time, we use the divine authority to do what is best.

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