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You Have A Life, Live It Fully

The phrase "Get a life" connotes that one should give less attention to the matters of others and shallow conversations, but rather seek to do or be about things that make us productive individuals. To be a creative, productive and flourishing person no time should be given to foolishness, frills, drama, dysfunction, manipulation, malice, and other acts that work as hindrances to prosperous living. So many people miss out on the joys of life because focus is misplaced. In my sixty years of living, one thing that I have learned is that I have to make my life count and that will not happen by focusing on events that worked to diminish my worth and the people used to do the same. In making life count, it becomes essential that prioritization of self be intentional, a way of life. This does not mean self-lessness is lost and selfishness is the order of the day. Rather it is sensible to take care of self. Taking care of oneself in a wholistic way is a must for self-fulfillment and the empowerment of others.

Wonderful things happen when we see ourselves as important to the scheme of things. Know that we are not thinking of ourselves more highly than we ought to, but we see ourselves as relevant to positive change; change in our communities, homes, circles of influence, and wider environments. We began to grow better because of self-reflection, compassion, forgiveness, and repentance. Growth is accommodated by wisdom, joy, peace, understanding, and knowledge. It is in having these jewels that we live, truly live. We discover what really matters. It is difficult to return to nonsense when you discover what is important and its benefits.

*At some point or cross-road in life you and I have to decide to live and let die; yes, live and not die. We have to let anything and anyone go that is used to destroy our joy, kill our purpose, and steal our hope. What I am saying sounds great on paper, but is not always easy, especially when we have soul ties to those who do not have our best interest. Family, fellow believers, old acquaintances and friends are not always easy to dismiss. Still, our desire for a better us, a better life must trump anything and anyone standing in the way of better. We have to declare that we will not do drama, dysfunction, or cra cra with anyone. Lol. Not everyone will agree subscribe to our way of living and co-sign with our choices for self-betterment. There will be some things to speak on and against, but our decision must be to move forward towards life regardless of opposition and resistance from anyone. Sometimes we have to keep others out of the plan, the big picture, and certainly our purpose because not everyone will celebrate, embrace, and respect us. Thus, each of us have a right to go where the love is. Find it or let it find you. When it appears, embrace it, even as it exudes from unfamiliar sources. Take it and live.

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