• Stephannie E. R. Solomon

New Beginnings

Don't we all wish that life was perfect. No disappointments, mistakes, denials, delays, rejections, misunderstandings, deaths, illnesses, and struggles to cause sorrow and anger. Since we will experience or have experienced at least one of these aspects of life, we have to learn how to conquer their effects, sting or residue. If overcoming the damage done is not intentional, life can become bleak, full of negativity and toxic intentions. The full abundant life that Christ promised us surely can not be experienced living toxic.

We may be unable to prevent all forms of hurt in our lives, but we can choose to rest in the confidence of our God to give us victory through them all. Each victory, win, is a new beginning for us. Choosing to walk with Christ through emotional pain, mental anguish, financial woes, and more is deciding to begin again. Our process varies in length and teachable moments, but we win when we remain on our tailored road of development.

We all can begin again and sometimes in the same area of life, we can and will begin again and again. Yet, know that new beginnings are not fatal. Though often feared, they are essential for positive change in our lives. A new work in us takes place upon every new start. It is simply up to each of us to allow Christ to do a new thing in us as He promised. Also, with confidence we have to embrace the fact that He is responsible for completing the work in us. That alone should take a load off. Having said all of this, putting our trust in the Lord is a good thing. He is the Beginning and The End. Who better to create our new beginnings.

Isaiah 43:19

Philippians 1:6

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