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Portrait Of A Winning Person:Self-Assessment

There are several outward and inward attributes that depict the life and look of a successful, victorious person. These winning attributes come from a life of continual self-examination and reflection. I have learned that periodic self-assessment is good for all of us. None of us should believe the press about ourselves, but willfully check ourselves, evaluate who we are, are not, and who we desire to become. We must remember that humility is key.

There are different roads to self-assessment and the methodology of self reflection ranges from person to person. Below are 11 questions that I have asked myself for several years that help to recalibrate and regulate my way to The Way. As I have aged the number of questions have increased. Yet, I have discovered that each question restores me to a place called "better" in my spirit, emotions, and mind. Each question is restorative as well as reflective, which lead to wholeness.

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11 Questions To Ask Yourself When Self Assessing

1.) Who am I when I think that no one is around?

2.) Am I forever teachable or coachable?

3.) How do I respond to haters and those who have wronged me?

4.) Where and what do I sow or invest in?

5.) What have I summoned?

6.) Do I fear healthy risk taking?

7.) Do I embrace my own diversity?

8.) What am I willing and unwilling to surrender for God's peace?

9.) How do I handle setbacks and failures?

10.) How do I respond to lack?

11.) How do I respond to blessings?

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