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You Wear It Well

Today's blog title stems from a popular chapter in my first book, Conversations With The King. It describes the way a person enduring a hardship conducts himself or herself both privately and publicly. It is so easy for us to hide our pain with make up, smiles, jokes, etc. It is also easy for most of us to complain, gripe, vent, rant, withdraw, and wear our issues on our sleeve. What is possible and always good for us is to take "every" issue, whether great or small, to the Lord. Discuss it with Him and receive the peace, joy, direction, and understanding that follows.

When I am given opportunities to testify of aspects of my life, foster care, witnessing my mother's struggles as a young child, feeling abandoned by my father, offenses done to me, offenses I committed towards God and others, hospitalizations, trauma of betrayals, financial deprivation, and more, most people are shocked. They are in awe that I do not appear to carry the baggage that comes with such such struggles. Notice I wrote appear. I have carried many burdens for many years. However, it has "only" been the Lord who continues to favor me. I know that I am loved by the Lord and that he has touched the hearts of many people to have favor towards me. I have lived to hear apologies from the most likely and unlikely sources multiple times in my journey with Christ. Thus, I can genuinely smile knowing that my struggle will work and is working for my good. Does the mess hurt? YES!!! Do I cry? YES, A LOT!!! However, my tears are more for the joy and reassurances given to me by the Holy Spirit. He tells me that the Lord will "Do it again for me." I am learning that the deliverance method may not be the same for each of my issues. I just know that Christ will come through. Hey! I am there with believing that He rose from the dead, so yes, I believe that He can handle my pains, problems and perceptions without becoming false and unglued. He has a plan for you and I and no issue can distract Him or detach Him from that ordained plan for us.

I also believe and have seen Christ redeem the time. He is Lord of all things and this includes time. Do I become impatient? Yes, I do. Yet, I am reminded that in patience I possess my very soul. I know too much at this juncture in life to not glow and reflect the Light of Love and Life that resides within me. Even on my down days, the Lord's light over powers the darkness of despair and the doldrums.

I trust Christ for better in every area of my life and so can you. When we decide to do this, Christ dresses us in Him. That trust to be kept, delivered, directed, taught, and more works towards our covering, our wardrobe, our demeanor, and countenance. That said, we all can wear our struggles well in spite of their intensity and longevity. In no way do I endorse smiling for the sake of impressions. A smile should be authentic and expressing all that is good about our God, for He is good in dressing us with genuine smiles, glowing eyes and shining faces. All of these attributes reflect His inner work.

I charge you to cast your care on Him today and everyday, for t is His job and His pleasure to take care of you. That great care will be obvious to all that as you shine and testify. People will be clueless to the depth of your struggles because the Lord has you wearing them well.

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