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Christians face the same challenges and temptations as non-Christians. What really matters for us is how we choose to face our challenges and temptations. We are continually told throughout scripture that because of who we are, we have the assurance of victory in every trial. There is a struggle occasionally in resting in this assurance if we are honest. Impatience, confusion, anger, fear, and other anti-Christ entities present themselves as better options to the plan that Christ designed for us. They never give up trying to confuse us and seduce us into opting for something different that the Lord has planned for us. Our struggle is to respond rightfully. Now rightfully, does include starting again because we sinned, or changing a mindset and/or inappropriate behavior. The right thing to do, according to the Lord, is to respond to everything in life in accordance to His word. So when we miss the mark, even though we tried our best, or failed to seek the Lord's way, Christ is ever ready to afford us another opportunity to experience the benefits from doing things His way.

Whether learning a major principle or relearning it, The Lord is the Master Teacher, always creating lessons and doors of opportunities that help us know Him better. He is Lord of the Opportunity and Lord of the Lesson. This said, we, His Children must become patient and teachable. How can we learn anything if we are not open to be taught? How can we glorify God with our gifts and our experiences if we are not patient to receive direction and power from Him? The scripture says that by our patience we will gain our souls, (Luke 21:19) and that the wise among us get wiser and the righteous will increase in learning when taught, (Proverbs 9:9). Impulsivity and impatience are two of our greatest enemies. Their intent in always for immediate gratification which forfeits the godly results. They prevent us from staying the course and being a part of the long haul. The struggle against them is real, yet winnable. Christ is Lord of the win. He makes us succeed, prosper, and win. He is Lord of all and Greater than all else. That said, doesn't it make sense to side with the All Knowing and All Powerful One who guarantees winning moments? Even when we lose, Christ takes our loses and makes them work for our good and anything considered good for us is a win.

Whatever you are facing today, know that Christ is Lord of it. If time is a concern, Christ is Lord of Time. If health is an issue, He is Lord of Health. He is simply Lord Of All. Declare that He is Lord to whatever confronts you and watch the Lord win for you.

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