• Stephannie E. R. Solomon


Sometimes we have to re-learn how to love, listen, laugh, lead, look at situations, be loyal, lift ourselves and others. Whether we have been given a bare bone or bountiful blessings, we all are never to old or spiritually minded to learn again in these areas. Many people in our world and even our churches have never learned how to do any of the above, so this blog may be inconsequential to them. I also understand that many people have learned the aforementioned "how tos". However, I specifically want to speak purpose and power into the life of those who believe that Jesus Christ is Lord, they belong to Him, yet something or some things have happened in life to cause them to question how they love others. Certain bumps in the road have been permitted or maybe even orchestrated by the Lord to show us something about us, maybe about our journey, our choices, the world, and/or the Lord himself. So many Christians have learned to love, but none of us have attained the measure of love to love everybody on the face of this earth. The Lord sometimes has strange ways of getting us to grow in the area of loving others, showing the world that we are His disciples by even the way we love one another.

To win in life, we have to learn the true extent of love. It is far from what we see from the lenses of Hollywood and the pages of Harlequin. I have learned that God, who is love, will "continually" test us in this area to show us just how much we have grown in loving Him, ourselves and others. His tests will also reveal to us how much more we need to grow in loving Him, ourselves and the world. Yes, loving the world who the Lord says is an enemy to Him. We are called to love the unlovable. We can do this wisely and not foolishly. It is the strong and mature person who does not resist the challenge to learn from God how to love a wayward person, an angry person and an insane person. It is not easy because our nature has limitations on who we will give measures of our love to. Even more, many of God's people have a warped sense of love, so when they think that they are loving, they actually are not.

Only God can teach and re-teach to us how to love Him, ourselves and anyone. Remember He is love and of all of the hundreds of commands to us to that contribute to a healthy, happy and whole person, loving God is the first and most important. If we love God, we will be teachable at every stage of life. Only then can we honestly say that we are growing in God. The Lord will not allow any disaster, tragedy, disappointment, heartache, death or evil to keep us from growing in love, as well as leadership, loyalty, and the other mentions. We have to be retaught in order to complete the next assignment that requires a deeper level of loyalty to Christ, His work and His people. Our next placement, relationship will require a varied perception of life's ills in order that we lead others to Christ. That perception can not be marred by resistance to the move of God. We have to be open for new thinking and new speaking which will affect our prayer life and conversations with others. The next chapter of our lives requires that we think critically and creatively; therefore, we must depart from our comfort zone and believe God for a new mind that must be renewed daily.

Maybe your dreams were dashed, you loved and lost, your smile was misinterpreted so you neither smile nor laugh anymore. Our God wants us to smile and laugh again in Him. He wants and is willing to teach you and I how to radiate his Light through an authentic smile and laugh. Do you know that we can win people to Christ with a sincere smile and healthy laugh? We can. Christ promised us victory after victory. Our triumphs come because no weapon formed to dismiss our dreams, destroy our lives will ever prosper. Whatever has happened, Christ has already won for us so all of the setbacks, disappointments, tragedies and traumas will be used to work for our "good". The plan of our lives includes the negative, but in God's matchless knowledge, the good, bad and ugly work for our betterment. Please do not allow the pains of life bury your passion for living. Don't shut God out because life and people shut you out. You may have mismanaged parenting, responsibilities, resources, but you can begin again. However, this time you and I do not want to experience the same pain from poor judgement and even a stubborn heart. Open your heart TODAY and allow the Spirit of God to renew and revive you. When you take this step of openness, the Lord does what He is responsible for and that is teach you again.

Re-Learning entails that we get outside of ourselves. If you have to jump, run, fly or walk away, do it. Just take that 1st step away from fear, comfort, doubt, familiarity, mediocrity, normalcy, expectation, and convention. The Lord says that He orders our steps, so step toward Him and witness teachable moments enter your world. Watch yourself grow and flourish as the Lord gives you the power, knowledge, faith and wisdom to love, lead, listen and laugh again. There is so much wonder, fulfillment, peace, and fun in life to experience and our Heavenly Father wants us to do just that. It is not His will that we live untrusting and unfulfilled lives. Read your bible. It is not. We are put on this earth to be used by God to bring love and happiness to others and to experience it from God and others for our own lives. You can do this. You can learn to love, laugh, look at life better. Dismiss the damage from your prior understanding of leadership, loyalty, lifting of others, and trust the Lord our Christ to retrain you in the way that you should go. What happened before was then, this, today is now. In doing so, you will reap a harvest of blessings beyond what you or anyone can imagine.

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