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How To Oppose Deception

Have you ever had or seen in someone else's experience, people or a person working angles to create an appearance in a situation that was far from true? I am not ceased with amazement at the lengths that people will take to mask their realities. We all a some point do not want everyone to know all things at some time in our life, but when we mature in Christ and really trust him with out mistakes, sins, battles, addictions, habits, flaws, ambitions, good intentions, and even our faith in Him, we win. Yes, we ultimately win. We can sleep at night and walk with our head up during the day.

Deception is real and comes in various forms. It is a lie played out in either words, deeds or both simultaneously. It can be extremely hurtful to watch someone attempt to present himself, herself or matter as something other than the truth. For many people, this type of affront creates anger, resentment and bitterness. Watching someone work the room, work a crowd, manipulating facts and misusing optics can be a learning experience in acting and deception if we just remove our feelings. Studying the energy and intent of the strategy used can help one determine how to counteract the deception used. I have learned to never put in the evil, energy and emphasis that is equivalent to, greater or less than the person working to create the false appearance. Doing this actually has a name. It is called "feint". It is really a sad state when someone resorts to faking reality. People do it for a myriad of reasons, like self-preservation, job security, reputation, and more but, it still is sad and speaks to the poor character of the person feinting as well as where he or she is or is not mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Not only are we getting an up close and personal demonstration of fear, evil and other cohorts of darkness, it is a time to learn how to oppose deception and all that it brings so that you and I are never consumed by their work. "Feint" can play out in damage control, gaslighting, whitewashing and even silence, but when you are on the flip side, the one hurt by someone's feinting, you have to trust in Truth. Anger will provoke you to react and expose and apply evil for evil. So tempting. By the way, if you do give in to provocation, repent, confess and trust God for his cleansing and beginning power for you. You can begin again.

When you are honest, right, blameless, or just, you will never have to get in front of a story, fight fire with fire, meet nasty on its' terms for you. The Lord has "unmatched" and "unmentioned" ways of lifting up and bringing forward wronged people. Wait on the Lord and be of "good" courage. Lift your head in spite of what offenses come your way. It is hard to wait when you want to clear your name, tell your side, oh wait a minute, tell the truth. How about that. Still wait. Time will tell stronger than you and I could ever tell. Truthfully some people do not want to know your side or the truth. They like the madness and misery that is transpiring. However, timing really is everything. Pray as often as possible for your peace in the matter. When the Lord does what only the Lord can do about the sham, clarity and light will expose all of the falsities. You will have your vindication and justice. The scripture says that there is a way that appears right, but the end it leads to death, (Proverbs 14:12) Although death may not be that of a person, it is death of something. Therefore, do not waste time on fighting someone whose works of mischief and falsehood will not only be exposed by their own undoing, they shall be silenced by death.

We, Children of God, operate in abundant life. Swaying towards death will never benefit us. Oppose this work, or anything that is opposing you, right now with peace, truth and trust in God. You can do this, because you and I are called to do all things in Christ which strengthens us and we are truly strengthened operating in peace, truth and trust in God.

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