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​ Aging With Grace is designed to revive girls and women who desire to grow gracefully in  the Lord. Stephannie Solomon dares to share what many Christian women discuss and  want to hear more about as they follow Christ.   Sex, parenting, the other woman, self-  image, forgiveness, freedom, and victory are some of the topics showcased in Aging With Grace.  Each reflection reveals that the grace of God is at work in the lives of female  Christians as they sojourn on Earth.   Sandwiched between the covers are compelling, challenging, conversational, and  contemporized chapters that are introduced by eye catching and inter-generational titles. Surely Aging With Grace: Reflections That Revive Women is another gift and tool that is  sure to be a blessing to the Body of Christ.

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Living With The King is a disciple-centric read that stresses the importance of building a relationship with Jesus Christ. It is crafted in the conversational tone of writing, directed by the Holy Spirit and influenced by authorial experiences. It includes a study section after each unit which allows for penned prayers, journaling, private devotions as well as group discussions.


There are three exciting features of Living With The King. The first feature offers a wealth of noted scriptures to under gird a topic or thought. They are useful for reflection, referencing and research. The second feature encourages the reader to think critically by asking the author a question at the end of the Study Guide section. The question can be forwarded to the author via e-mail, her facebook or twitter pages which are on the Home page of the website, www.stephanniesolomon. The third feature consists of thirty-one days of affirmations; an excellent companion for fasting and prayer.  Truly, Living With The King is an asset to any home, office, church and community library as well as church and commercial bookstores. No ministry should be without it.



Behind Closed Doors - Chapter - Stephannie E. R. Solomon

This audio version is in

collaboration with musician, songwriter and composer 

~ Carl Craigway .

What happens when you journal your prayers to the King of Kings?  Well one may end up with so much to share on so many issues.  Experiences  as well as requests,  dialogues and answered prayer  have been placed in a book for others to be blessed by. Conversations on forgiveness, long suffering and more make up the compilations of requests and reflections found in this book.  A study guide and loads of foundational  scripture are peppered throughout the pages and are intended to equip the reader while    on his/her journey with the Lord.  This is a great read for any cell group, book club,  personal devotions and a keeper for any library.


Forgiveness Is Not An Option - Stephannie E. R. Solomon

Another chapter collaboration with musician, songwriter and composer ~ Carl Craigway .

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  Collaboration with editor , author,          pastor,  and  U.S. Ambassador
 Dr. Suzan Johnson Cook 

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