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"Raise Up An Army" is 1 of 4 prayers recorded in 2000 in collaboration with singer, songwriter, composer, muscian, Anthony J. Brown.  An old prayer needed then and needed now.   Check it out.

Aging With Grace Promo - Heaven 600 Commercial
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Behind Closed Doors - Chapter - Stephannie E. R. Solomon
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Forgiveness Is Not An Option - Stephannie E. R. Solomon
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Music - Carl Craigway

Music - Carl Craigway

Announcement - Gospel Grind
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"Very reflective. Since reading the book, I volunteered to lead a small group in my church discipleship ministry, after 10 years of sitting on the sideline. "
Linda Fay Harris
"Reading @StephannieBooks',  AGING WITH GRACE  and it's awesome!  So proud of her!"
Sierra Solomon
"In the bed reading AGING WITH GRACE by Stephannie E. R. Solomon.  Reflecting and  reviving me in areas needed. That's how big girls roll."
Dionne Jones
"When I read parts of the chapter Loving Him from your book LIVING WITH THE KING, I first thought that you were talking about married people.  Then I realized that you were talking about a relationship with God.  I loved it."
Yvonne Bankston
"My favorite chapter in your first book, CONVERSATIONS WITH THE KING,  is Shut In For A Glorious Purpose. It helped when I was really going through.
Florine Randall
"I have had to go back and reread your book CONVERSATIONS WITH THE KING."
Mary Demory
"Thank you so much.  The chapter Forgiveness Is Not An Option helped me deal with a long issue. Thank you so much."
Adrienne Better
"I read your book LIVING WITH THE KING.  I really understand where you are coming from.
Collin Smith
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